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Town Hall and Engine House

A long-held dream came one step closer to reality when a group committed to turning Medina’s 1878 Engine House into a museum met after a long interval. Such a museum would showcase vintage fire trucks and fire-fighting equipment, and tell the story of the two fires that ravaged Medina in the 1800’s.

The group has worked on the project for at least a decade, but for a variety of reasons, the project did not get beyond the drawing board.  Now, it seems, the timing might be more fortuitous.

In 1967 a group of citizens calling themselves the Community Design Committee (CDC) painted the Engine House bright red and  launched the successful and nationally lauded restoration of Medina’s Public Square. (For more details on this, click here.)

Now it’s time for Chapter Two in the life of the Engine House. Stay tuned.

Click here to see historic photos of  19th century Medina firefighters.

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  1. MFThomson Says:

    Great idea; old fire houses and engines are a national treasure. Make it happen.

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