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Cindy Allman paints a view

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  1. Hajab Says:

    sammy_lpool / My top 20 in no order after no.6 :1. Beyonce9 B’day2.Jay-z blueprint 33. Kanye late rirgtteasion4.destinys child-the writings on the wall (its 1999-close enough)5.Jay-Z -black album6. black eyed peas- elephunk7.Nickelback- All the right reasons8.Alicia Keys songs in a minor9. Alicia keys the element of freedom10. tinchy stryder catch 2211.Miss-Teeq miss teeq12.Mr.Hudson straight no chaser13.Nelly Furtado- Loose14.Shontelle Layne shontelligence15.Jamelia thankyou16. steps step one17. shaggy- hot shot18.p!nk missundaztood19.Allstars- allstars20.beyonce I Am sasha fierce

  2. Rodman Says:

    Paris!!!!!! I’m soooooo proud of you my frneid!!!! Super stuff!!! Will you take photos at my wedding .which probably is not going to happen for a very long time? lol .Just trying to do some prelim to set things up! Love ya girl!

  3. Anele Says:

    You said it Brother . . I swear it sounds like he’s acutally plucking his very own blood vessels the way he’s able to put his soul into those licks. There was no one before or since who played with no holds barred just a guy pouring his entire being in to the music . No wonder he had to go no human could bear that level of intensity for long. The world was much too small and acutally our heads’ weren’t big enough for Duane. All these years and he still blows/takes me away. Awesome.

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