It’s a sure-fire sign that summer is here: White tents bloom on the green lawns of Public Square Park and the vendors arrive from all over the county to sell their wares. It’s Farmers’ Market Season in Medina  and it will continue every Saturday morning from June 5 to October 9,  9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

The Medina Farmers’ Market began a few years ago with just a few tents huddled in the southwest corner of the square and offered a very limited selection –  tomatoes and perhaps some home-made baked goods — one Saturday a month.  Today, the first day of the season,  all the paths crisscrossing the park are lined with tents and the crowds are out in force.

And why is the community here is such large numbers?  For all the usually cited reasons, of course: Because people are increasingly drawn to healthier eating, because organically grown food tastes better, and because locally grown produce does not have to travel very far to get to the dinner table and the difference in mileage saves fossil fuels.

It is also the way people have shopped for thousands of years — in the agoras of ancient Greece, the souks of the Middle East and the village squares of Medieval Europe. It is still the way people shop in villages and town squares throughout the world.

The small family farms are well represented here and some of their names reveal their philosophies — Earth Song Discovery Farm (Holistic living in harmony with the earth) and  Soleil Farm (biological, poison free) And then, there are the plain, old-fashioned names like Muddy Fork Farm and Richardson’s Farm (six generations)who continue to grow things  the plain, old-fashioned way.

It is, of course, too soon in the season for any great profusion of produce to be available –  except for some tender looking green onions and parsley, and the strawberries. But it is flower season and the blooms are everywhere — huge, gorgeous and cheap.

However, produce isn’t the only reason to come. There is a very extensive variety of products available, from the useful to the quirky –  freshly baked, whole grain breads, local cheeses,  humanely raised beef, trail mix, brooms and hand-made handbags.  The bakers, jelly-makers and confectioners cheerfully offer samples and take orders.  The pies look luscious and, if you’re feeling especially community-minded, you can purchase large, white chocolate letters that spell Medina.

For the adored, four-legged family member — and there are plenty of those straining at their leashes –  the Barkin’ Biscuit Gourmet Bakery makes elegant-looking dog biscuits called “Bone-jour”.

Shopping. Sampling. People-watching. Or all of the above. Not a bad way to spend a summer morning.

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  1. Chris Ellis Says:

    Great article! I only wish I lived closer by so I could enjoy it too!

  2. Kathy Breitenbucher Says:

    I am so looking forward to the Farmer’s Market’s return this year! Richardson Farms is already growing plants and seeing the little sprouts coming up is an exciting sign of Spring. I highly recommend venturing out to their farm in Lafayette Township – 6 generations of farming on that property and such a great family!

  3. Says:

    Echt een heel mooi artikel dit inderdaad

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