Friday night in Medina –  a study in contrasts.

In the Victorian-style gazebo on the Square, the Medina Community Band  plays tunes that float sweetly in the summer air.  It is serene and nostalgic –  pure, old fashioned Americana straight out of  “The Music Man.”

Off the Square, exactly one block west –  the roar of Harley-Davidsons and the thump of hard rock produce their own summer ambiance.  That’s right, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore — you’re in a street fair, elbow-to- elbow with hundreds of music fans packed into several adjoining parking lots located behind commercial buildings. It’s more gritty than pretty and the smell of barbecue permeates the air.

The bikers arrive  in droves and park  in specially reserved areas,  so that West Liberty Street resembles an  endless Harley-Davidson showroom. With their black leather gear, tattoos and bandanas, they provide color and swagger — as well as the element of cool. But the bikers are actually in the minority here.  The bulk of the crowd is  made up of your friends and neighbors — young and middle-aged suburbia out to drink beer, eat barbecue, and  listen to really great music.

The Rally in the Alley is a free outdoor concert that runs every Friday night, from Memorial Day weekend and until Labor Day Weekend when it ends with what is labeled A Huge Blowout.  Beer, wine, spirits and food are available for purchase, and a portion of those proceeds go to a different Medina charity every week. ( This evening it is the Forgotten Animal Shelter).

The Rally opens at 4:30 P.M. and the opening band takes the stage at 5:30.  (This afternoon it was The Woovs.) This evening, Majestic, a Journey Tribute band plays to an enthusiastic crowd.

The moving force behind this weekly summer event is Gary Quesada, owner of the Main Street Cafe on 17 Public Square –  chef extraordinaire and a die-hard fan of both rock music and Harley-Davidson bikes. Within a few short years, he has turned Rally in the Alley into a major event — a sort of Medina Band Concert for the new Millennium.

Here is a list of bands that will be playing at Rally in the Alley in the coming weeks:

June 24: Wounded Hand (Stone Temple Pilots Tribute). Opener: Aphrodite’s Hero (Classic Rock).

July 2: Carlos Jones (Bob Marley Tribute). Opener: Prayer Warriors

July 9: Mojo (Doors Tribute). Opener: Moon Age (Classic Rock)

July 16: One (A Celebration of U2). Opener: Blue Fish Crisis.

July 30: Vicious Cycle (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute). Opener: Big House (Allman Brothers Tribute.)

August 6: Majestic (Journey Tribute). Opener: The Juke Hounds (Chicago Blues).

August 13: Stone Pony (Bruce Springsteen Cover). Opener: Pilgrim.

August 20: Mr. Speed (Kiss Tribute). Opener: Blue Lunch.

August 27: Rumors (Fleetwood Mac Tribute). Opener: The Woovs.

September 3: Vinyl Approach. Opener: The Knock-offs.

September 4: Evil Ways (Santana Tribute). Opener: The Four Horsemen (Metallica Tribute).

September 5: Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Tribute).

3 Responses to “Rally in the Alley: A Walk on the “Wild” Side”

  1. d Says:

    although the rally is a great time, the moose lodge board member likes to pick fights with women & bikers. My friend and I (we are 40 and 50 year old women) were standing waiting for our husbands to find parking spaces when he approached us screaming and waving his hands.His words were “You f—heads can’t park here. You f—ing bikers are all the same. You’re all a–holes and you’re blind and stupid. You think you can do anything you want. I’ve already called the cops and they’ll arrest you for being a–holes.” What kind of business man (or man, period) verbally attacks women who were minding their own business and whats with calling his own biker patrons/members f—heads and a–holes? MY husband eventually heard his screaming and came over. The guy then got in his face and threatened him. I just want to warn all bikers if they ever cross this man’s path.

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