Medina’s living room — Public Square Park — continues to be heavily used this summer. On Sunday, August 8th,  the white tents blossomed under the spreading trees once again, and the crowds spilled forth, this time for the large annual craft show called “An Affair on the Square”. It’s not exactly “art”  you find there — but a lot of quirky, colorful stuff that you may not necessarily need, but can’t pass up.

“The Dude”, seen in the photo above, is a case in point.  This witty and comical  planter  is an example of the one-of-a kind items on display. And really, where would you ever find anything like that again?

If you weren’t in Medina today — here’s what you missed:

Filmy pastel tutus for the eternal princess

Popcorn -- one of the traditional smells of summer

This jewelry was a big hit. The crowd was three-deep.

Ceramic wisdom

And the Dixieland Band played on

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