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Miles Reed

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  1. William Says:

    I’d like to send this letter by she is still my fav out of all the vodeis i have seen, time and time again i cum back to here, not even so much to jack off, just to watch, something so soothing about a woman so much in control about her own body and having such fun with it, one day i hope to be lucking to find a soul mate suchs as her.

  2. Ellen Says:

    , of the two, my choice would be the photo puhibsed with the recipe because the above photo seems more about the setting than the rolls. I wants the food, man! I’ve seen artsy-fartsy photos at a well-known magazine website, arranging cookies in geometric designs and pulling camera back so far, the design IS the picture. Well, hey, what about the cookie? I want to see the cookie. I want a good closeup of the cookie. I want it to call to me. I guarantee you that looking down on tiny cookies arranged in criss-crossed diamonds do NOT make me want to eat them, nor does such photography impress me as a food photo.Here, to my eye, there’s more buttermilk rolls in the pic with the recipe or at least that is my perception. I look at that photo and the first thing I see are those delicious looking rolls, and next note they are being blessed with butter. Mama mia.By contrast, half of the photo above is the setting. Furthermore, at minimum, the downward pointing towel dramatically below the pan immediately splits the attention. At worst, that point pulls the eye downward to bottom of the photo first rather than upward to the rolls. Do you really want that? Sure, it’s a lovely picture but for me it fails as the better recipe photo of the two. But then, [n the end, it comes down to individual taste, doesn’t it? I prefer food photos solidly focused on the food, photos which unerringly draw my eyes inexorably straight into the food! Heaven.

  3. Liferijaz Says:

    If you start a pomegranate from the whole fruit, ltitle kids love it. (I was one of those ltitle kids.) It’s fun to take apart.If you get the opportunity, try vegetarian sushi, without the fish.

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