The weather on the weekend of the 17th annual Key Bank Ice Festival was weird and unpredictable — as it has been all winter.

After bitter cold all week, suddenly on Friday the temperature shot up to fifty degrees. The ice carvers, who were scheduled to carve on Friday evening, couldn’t work.  They had to wait until 3:00 A.M. Saturday morning to put their 300 pound  blocks of ice outside, for fear that they would melt.

On Saturday the temperature dropped below freezing again — and the carvers were back in business, ferociously wielding  power saws and carving phantasmagorical creations of great beauty and delicacy.

Twelve ice artists participated in Saturday’s exhibition and fourteen participated on Sunday.

Local businesses and organizations sponsored ice sculptures like this artist’s palette from the ceramic studio,  All Fired Up (below, left) and the old fashioned sleigh from the Medina Community Design Committee (below, right).

Despite the bitter cold, the crowds (which included many small children and large dogs), came out in great numbers.  They admired the artistry, sipped hot chocolate and enjoyed yet another event in Medina’s elegant Public Square Park.

Saturday's first place winner.

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