It’s a sure-fire sign that summer is here: White tents bloom on the green lawns of Public Square Park and the vendors arrive from all over the county to sell their wares. It’s Farmers’ Market Season in Medina  and it will continue every Saturday morning from June 5 to October 9,  9:00 A.M. to 1:00 [...]

Due to a premature and prolonged warm spell this April, Medina’s flowering trees — streets and streets of white pear and crab apple– have burst into a tsunami of blossoms that have lasted longer than usual.  Driving or walking down certain streets in town is like entering a fragrant cloud canopy.
This legacy of beauty comes [...]

A few steps from Medina’a Public Square is a popular, Victorian-themed restaurant — Miss Molly’s Tea Room and Gift Shop.  It is pretty, feminine and very, very floral. Roses predominate — they are found on all the teapots and teacups, they spill out of vases and adorn the wallpaper. There are also lace table cloths [...]

Twenty two years after the 1848 fire, the unthinkable happened.
On the night of April 14th, 1870, according the the “1881 History of Medina County and Ohio”,  “The alarm sounded…calling the people unceremoniously from their virtuous couches and in a few short hours, almost the entire business district of Medina was in ashes, much of it [...]

The story goes like this:  On the evening of April 11, 1848, two young men — drifters, probably — were playing cards in the back room of Barney Prentiss’s shoe store.  One of them blew out a candle and tossed it into a pile of trash in the corner. But he was careless — the [...]

The month of April is associated with three significant events in Medina’s history — the 1945 world premiere of a Hollywood movie (actually a 30 minute short subject) describing the village as the quintessential American small town, and two devastating fires: the first on April 11, 1848 and the second on April 14, 1870.
We’ll [...]

Tom Doyle is in his element this Saturday afternoon.  People keep drifting into his private fire museum, Little Wiz,  singly and and in groups, eager to see his amazing display of antique fire fighting equipment — an organized chaos of antique fire wagons and chemical tanks, of 19th century smoke helmets and early 20th century [...]

Medina may have achieved iconic status in preservation circles after its nationally lauded restoration of  Public Square in the late 1960’s — but these efforts came too late to save three landmarks which were once important in the life of the village.  The 1872 Lincoln School, the 1891 Medina Primary School and the 1840 Rose [...]

A chilly, rainy Saturday in March. What to do? A vegetarian cooking class at Root Candles (623 West Liberty Street) sounds like the perfect way to spend the lunch hour. And then, there is always the opportunity to browse through Root’s spectacular assortment of gifts and holiday items — and to take advantage of [...]

The Munsons were a prominent but quirky family who lived in Medina from 1877 until 1956 when the last member passed away.  The patriarch was Albert Munson, Probate Judge, state legislator and political activist. He was also a devout spiritualist and regularly held seances in his home — although he never acted as a medium.
Munson, [...]