In the mid-1800’s, Medina was a stop on the Underground Railroad — a system of safe houses that gave shelter to runaway slaves on their arduous journey from the slave-holding South, across Ohio, to the safety of Canada.  One of the local homes that had been a stop on the Underground Railroad was also a [...]

The gazebo, Medina’s visual symbol and best loved landmark, is not as old as the Victorian buildings that surround it.  The Community Design Committee (CDC) placed it in the center of the park in 1976 as a finishing touch to its nationally lauded restoration of Public Square. It is a copy of an 1879 structure [...]

Matt Wiederhold, Executive Director of Main Street Medina, is feeling pretty good. The 25th annual Medina Candlelight Walk is over and it exceeded his expectations.  He and a small committee of ten worked tirelessly to make that happen.
“It was huge,” said Matt.  “There were between eight and ten thousand people attending.  On Saturday evening the [...]

A long-held dream came one step closer to reality when a group committed to turning Medina’s 1878 Engine House into a museum met after a long interval. Such a museum would showcase vintage fire trucks and fire-fighting equipment, and tell the story of the two fires that ravaged Medina in the 1800’s.
The group has worked [...]