Elizabeth Blake McDowell was born in 1842 in the first frame house built in Medina, in the days when the village was making its transition from log cabins and the hardships of the frontier to clapboard homes and an easier, more civilized way of life.
She died in 1932, a few months shy of her 90th [...]

Serene and tree-shaded East Liberty is one of the oldest streets in the village of Medina. It is a supremely walkable neighborhood, and it is looking its best on this late summer morning. A lush canopy of leaves creates a cool tunnel over the narrow sidewalks,  and a sense of history seems to linger in [...]

Harrison Gray Blake (1819-1876) routinely ignored the Fugitive Slave Laws and hid runaway slaves in his handsome home home on East Washington Street. It was a terrible risk in those days to harbor slaves — the fines were prohibitive and could bankrupt a family.  Blake had a great deal to lose. He had come to [...]

In the mid-1800’s, Medina was a stop on the Underground Railroad — a system of safe houses that gave shelter to runaway slaves on their arduous journey from the slave-holding South, across Ohio, to the safety of Canada.  One of the local homes that had been a stop on the Underground Railroad was also a [...]